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Storage Tips & Hints!


1.  Did you make a list of ALL the items you are going to be storing? – This exercise will help to make sure that you get the BUDGET STORAGE unit size you really need (Click here you see our detailed help). In addition, this list will serve as documentation of your storage unit contents for your files.


2.  Is the site secure? – BUDGET STORAGE has every security and access issue covered! Others may not offer 24 hour access, low and night lighting, computerized gate access for customers only, infra-red motion detectors and complete fenced in property topped with barb wire.


3.  Did you get a copy of the storage lease and read it carefully? – Many storage facilities try to rip you off with the fine print in their leases. BUDGET STORAGE puts in writing the following benefits for you like no security deposit, no long term commitment (month to month), only 5 days notice required before move out, and very low late payment fees.


4.  Do you have a high security padlock? Be sure to get a VERY good lock that cannot be cut off easily with bolt cutters! The best kind of lock to use is called a disc lock and can be purchased at most hardware stores or directly from BUDGET STORAGE.


5.  Are your storage items covered by insurance? No self storage facility covers your items in storage however you can purchase “renters” insurance from most facilities (including BUDGET STORAGE) for an extra monthly fee. However, most personal home-owner's insurance and/or renters insurance covers personal property that you store. Be sure to check with your insurance carrier to verify coverage and learn what steps you are required to take for your policy to be in effect for items you store (some carriers require that you notify them in writing of your storage contents).


6.  Did you take pictures of your storage unit as you filled it? – This is always a good idea to provide proof to your insurance carrier in the event of a future claim. Further, it is also a good idea to have your camera “date stamp” the photo’s.


Things that can make placing items into a BUDGET STORAGE unit easier ...


1.  Here's the single most common storage mistake. People forget to label the boxes either with numbers that match their inventory list or content labels. This practice will make accessing your items in your unit much easier.


2.  Label EVERY box with its contents (or an inventory number) on all sides PLUS the TOP and Bottom. For boxes with fragile contents mark "THIS SIDE UP" with an arrow pointing to the top and store the boxes up high in your unit so nothing is on top of them!


3.  Be sure to place items you may want to get to frequently near the front of your unit.


4.  It is a good idea to rent a unit that is slightly larger than you need so you can pack it with an open isle down the middle. This will make accessing your unit’s contents much easier.


5.  Of course, always pack heavier items down on the floor and lighter items on top.


6.  It is a good idea to leave a few inches between the walls of the unit inside and your boxes to create some air flow. This will help to eliminate mildew issues.


7.  For the best and safest storage use pallets or other wooden spacers under items. This allows for air flow UNDER your items.


8.  Make a plan on how to organize your unit. When you make your plan as you can see in you beautiful 3D storage pictures (seen in the Unit Sizes Available section of this site), you should plan to store couches on end, stack chairs seat to seat, and use larger items like dresser drawers to store blankets, clothes, and smaller knickknacks.


9.  Depending on the size and number of your items, purchasing shelving on which to place your items may greatly save space and allow your BUDGET STORAGE unit to hold even more of your things.


10.  Any piece of furniture that had to be assembled to be put into place can and should be taken apart for storage. Did you save those Computer Desk or Bookshelf instructions? Every fancy 3D picture in our space "Estimator" shows, for example, bed frames taken apart to save space and large tables with their legs off! Be sure to tape heavy plastic "zippered" bags with the fasteners, brackets, screws, bolts and nuts with each item so they don't get lost!


11.  Are you placing a freezer, refrigerator, washer or dryer in storage? If so, be sure they are clean and dry, lightly silicone spray or wipe a silicone spray dampened cloth on all seals. Then after these types of items are placed in storage open their doors a little. Be careful NOT to prop the door open with anything that might effect the shape of the seal. The same goes for any appliance that has a door that opens, BUT don't silicone seals that aren't rubber-like - for example the seals on an oven.


12.  Please be sure to wipe a light coating of oil on all bare metal items. Not only does this help prevent rust, but should an item rust, it can create a caustic sulfur-like smell and even effect other non-metal items.


13.  Do not store mirrors and paintings flat, store them upright. Be sure to pad and wrap them marking them clearly on both sides as FRAGILE!


14.  Use padding between items to prevent scratching or denting. Do not use paper of cardboard that could stick to or transfer color to your valuable furniture!


15.  All BUDGET STORAGE units are insulated however they can get quite warm in the summer and cold in the winter. It is a good idea to store temperature sensitive items away from the front of the unit (door).


16.  Do not store items right up to the front of your unit. Be sure to leave at least 8 inches of free space between the roll-up door and your items. This will prevent accidental jamming of the door.



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