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Rules - Safety and Legal Tips!


1.  DON’T BREAK THE LAW - It is illegal to store any hazardous, corrosive or combustible materials!


2.  Storing any food or perishable items can attract unwanted pests to any unit! BUDGET STORAGE prohibits the storing of such items in your unit.


3.  It is both dangerous and against our regulations to leave paint, oil, or gasoline in your storage unit. Be sure to drain all gas and oil from lawnmowers, snow blowers, etc. before storage so that they are completely empty.


4.  Mothballs are good to keep insects and other pests away, BUT they can also leave stains on clothing and the vapors they emit can stain other items in your storage unit.


5.  Do not give your gate code or unit number to anyone else.


6.  If you loose your keys, contact BUDGET STORAGE immediately so we can change your locks.


7.  Don’t hesitate to ask the facility manager any questions you may have before or during move-in!



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